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Main Page > Aesthetic medicine > Surgical treatment > Happy lift, lifting threads

Happy lift, lifting threads

Happy Lift Threads - This s a new way to regain a youthful appearance of the face in a short time. They constitute a great alternative to a traditional face lift - they guarantee an immediate effect and mainly they do not expose patients to complications and side effects.

Happy Lift Threads are made of biodegradable polycaprolactone and when entered into the skin, they act as tensioning muscles, holding the subcutaneous tissues. Thus, after implantation they serve as a scaffolding for the flabby skin and the firming effect is seen immediately after surgery. After 12-15 months since the procedure, threads are naturally dissolved in the body, whereas positive outcome for the skin may last even to 5 years. The procedure lasts from 20-60 minutes.


Free floating – regaining youthful appearance of the skin in a short time and without scarring. Easy, fast and safe method which consists in non-invasive insertion of the threads. It results in raising cheeks and neck, which previously were flabby. Free floating method does not require cutting the skin - threats are inserted to the subcutaneous tissue with the use of local anaesthesia. Effects are visible immediately after the procedure, whereas threads serve as scaffolding for flabby face skin. Small hooks in the threads affect fibrosis, thereby increasing the concentration of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. The outcome is even more visible after 2 to 10 months after the surgery.


Ancorage - stop the time with a facelift. They are perfect for a minimally invasive mid-face lift. This technique ensures long-lasting effect without scarring, surgical intervention and necessity to be subjected to general anaesthesia and stay in the hospital. Solvable threads with small hooks are used. On one side there is a slide, whereas on the other - a cylindrical thread. A physician performs only a small incision near the ear through which threads are entered towards the chin and mandible and creates special scaffolding for the tissues. Thus, hooked threads form a kind of umbrella which when slightly tightened naturally raises flabby facial tissues.


Long-lasting effect and complete safety. Scalpel is no longer needed. Correct application of Happy Lift Threads provides lifting effect of dropping eyebrows, skin of the face, neck, mandible and cheeks - comparable to the one, which can be obtained with traditional surgical methods. Safety, lack of side effects, minimal invasiveness for the body and excellent biological tolerance of the threads - these are the arguments which unquestionably settle the choice between two methods in favour of Happy Lift.


Indications for the procedure

  • Vertical and horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, lift of the forehead, drooping eyebrows
  • Drooping cheeks, lower eyelid,
  • Chin fold and marionette lines
  • Double chin and smokers’ wrinkles
  • Correction and slimming the facial oval

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