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Hearing test

Hearing assessment comprises three elements of equal importance which are listed below:

  1. Clinical assessment of hearing
  2. Tuning fork tests
  3. Audiometry


Clinical assessment of hearing is performed in the physician’s office. Patient is asked to repeat words spoken by the doctor with a different volume and from various distances. At the same time, patient has to plug the opposite ear.


Tuning fork tests are also a part of medical consultation. They involve the use of tuning forks (also used in music) which are put against the ear and skull of the examined person. The results of tuning fork tests allow to asses whether the cause of hearing impairment involves a damage to the ear or the nervous structures responsible for transmitting acoustic information to the brain.


Audiometry is a hearing test which involves specialized measuring equipment and must always be preceded by a medical consultation. Optimum Clinic performs the following audiometric tests:

  • Impedance audiometry (tympanometry) - it allows to assess the state of the middle ear in a non-invasive and objective way. The test does not require special commitment from the patient, lasts several minutes and may be performed at any age. Impedance audiometry is most frequently used in diagnostics of auditory tube dysfunctions, otitis media with effusion, otosclerosis as well as in differential diagnosis of perceptive hearing losses.
  • Test using acoustic emissions- objective and fast measurement method, which is suitable for patients at any age, especially when used as screening test in small children and newborns. It allows to detect even small hearing losses typical for the initial phase of deafness.

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