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Dr Monika Dąbrowska - Molenda

Specialist of human nutrition and dietetics, clinical dietician

A graduate from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, where she completed a course of doctoral studies in the Faculty of Nutrition and Consumption Science at the Chair of Human Nutrition, which ended with the defence of Ph.D. dissertation with honours.


She continues to raise her professional qualifications by participating in training and conferences devoted to dietetics, nutrition and psychology.


About herself

In order to get to the point at which I am now professionally, I completed a course of master's and doctoral studies which ended with the defence of my Ph.D. dissertation, I worked at the university, I graduated from a pedagogical-psychological school, I completed courses and training in, among others, nutrigenetics and psychodietetics, but I also met exceptional people on my way who inspired me to look for my own way.


I am fascinated by the complexity of behaviours of people which are always directly connected with their nutrition.


I feel a need for helping people, teaching them about what I have learnt and what I continue to learn in order to be healthy and satisfied with life.


I share my knowledge and experience with people, believing that they will use such knowledge and experience to restore and maintain their health. It is amazing to be able to see how they develop and change when they are properly supported.


I know that even the slightest change of eating habits may totally change the everyday comfort of life. It is important to take health in one's own hands and start taking proper care of it on all levels, nutritional, physical and mental.


I pay a lot of attention to a holistic approach to the patient.


Dietary consultation involves an interview, review of test results, the current lifestyle and condition of health of the patient. On this basis, it is possible to adjust the diet, i.e. daily eating habits, to the needs of a specific person.


I prepare individual eating plans, taking into account individual diseases and a need of introducing a healthy lifestyle.  


My services include:

  • Diets in digestive system diseases (such as reflux, ulcer, sensitive intestine syndrome, inflammation of stomach and duodenum mucous membrane, cholelithiasis nephrolithiasis, in chronic and acute inflammation of pancreas and liver, in constipation)
  • Diets in thyroid diseases (hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism and AZT) and in other endocrinological disorders
  • Diets in insulin resistance, diabetes type II
  • Diets in allergies and food intolerances (intolerance of lactose, wheat, gluten, fructose)
  • Vegetarian, meat-free diets (including fish)
  • Diets in cancer, after surgical operations and in post-surgical recovery
  • Diets in gout, RA, osteoporosis
  • Slimming diets, metabolism-stimulating diets (without food intolerance)
  • Diets for persons who want to increase their body mass

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